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Environmental Services

CertainTech offers professional services in the following areas:

Custom Software Development

We provide turn-key solutions in the custom software development. Our experience include several custom user-friendly desktop software. For example, the BIO1D groundwater transport model software that our founder developed in 1987 is still in use at several leading Universities and organizations. We have brought life to several mathematical solutions to robust Windows-based user-friendly software with online help, Guided Tours etc. These solutions often include royalty-free graphics and GIS libraries, and some provide integrations with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, GIS programs such as ArcView and MapInfo, and Surfer. Our clients include U.S. EPA research centers, local water agencies, and leading petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies.

CertainTech been the principal software developer of the integrated Windows version of US EPA Optimal Well Locator (OWL) model.  The OWL software is available from U.S. EPA Groundwater and Ecosystems Research division's CSMoS Groundwater Modeling Software website.

GIS Services

Our staff have over 10 years of experience applying GIS solutions to the environmental industry. With our expertise in several GIS software programs from ESRI (Arc/INFO, ArcView, ArcGIS), MapInfo (MapInfo Professional), Caliper (Maptitude), and Microsoft Mappoint, we believe that CertainTech is in a unique position to recommend the best technology solution to your current and future needs. We have a strong background in developing GIS software applications (our software applications SiteGIS and SurfLink are in use since 1994) that integrate popular GIS applications to other office productivity solutions such as Microsoft Excel and scientific software such as Surfer for Windows. Considering linking together or sharing information between two often-used software programs at your work? Please contact us to discuss alternative approaches and associated costs.

Hydrogeologic Modeling

CertainTech provides expertise in modeling of biodegradation and adsorption processes, geostatistics, stochastic simulations, and numerical, analytical, and semianalytical solutions. Our experience includes use of models such as MODFLOW, MOC, BIO1D, VS2D, etc. and also training on the use of groundwater models in short courses.

Please contact us for more information and references of past work.

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