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New version 3.0 !

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GIS-Based Environmental Data Management for Your Site

SiteGIS, an application of MapInfo Professional for Windows, is designed for analyzing and presenting large amounts of environmental data for soil and groundwater remediation and other projects involving hazardous waste, such as Superfund sites. SiteGIS has proven to be an invaluable tool for efficiently managing the large amounts of data collected at RCRA and Superfund sites.

SiteGIS is intended for use by professionals who are involved in daily management decisions based on environmental data. SiteGIS is enabling our clients to utilize data from multiple subcontractors and helping them standardize the format for receiving data from multiple sites. SiteGIS helps our clients make timely, cost effective, decisions regarding site characterization and remediation.

SiteGIS provides the complete functionality of a GIS, integrated with environmental applications to quickly and efficiently view and analyze chemistry, water levels, soil contaminants and other site information.

SiteGIS 3.0 Supports Surfer 8.0!

SiteGIS 3.0 which supports Surfer 8.0 and all recent versions of MapInfo Professional (versions 5.0 through 7.0) is now available!.  The prices are:

SG-1501L SiteGIS 3.0 single copy

SiteGIS 3.0 Upgrade

SU-2001L Surfer 8.0 single copy (list price $599)
SU-2001LU Surfer 8.0 upgrade price (list price $139)

For purchasing, SiteGIS 3.0 please go to our order page, or contact us at sales@certaintech.com.


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