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The Best of Contouring to ArcGIS!

SurfLink is a software program for creating contour maps in ArcGIS using Surfer for Windows.  SurfLink takes you through a series of wizard-like interactive steps in creating a contour map.  Cue cards are provided for first time users.  Contour lines, Surfer grid data, and color-filled regions (with corresponding contour values) are exported instantly as ArcMap layers.  To view its features in detail, please click here.

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SurfLink 2.0 Editions

Standard Edition

  • Contours are created in Surfer from a point feature layer in ArcGIS with data in an attribute field.
  • Surfer contour lines are transferred as polyline feature layer in ArcGIS.
  • Contour labels are transferred as a separate layer. ArcMap’s labeling feature is used for providing complete flexibility.
  • Surfer contour fills are transferred as a polygon feature layer in ArcGIS with attribute fields containing contour levels and color values (as assigned in Surfer).
  • Layer symbology is automatically applied in ArcMap to match the color fills in the Surfer contour map.
  • Contour layers are created using the same coordinate system as that of the original point feature layer.

Professional Edition

Additional features offered in the Professional edition are:

  • Import contour grid from Surfer as a raster grid layer in ArcGIS.
  • Perform advanced contour map operations such as (1) rotation of the contour map at any angle, (2) clipping a portion of the contour map (also known as blanking in Surfer), and (3) logarithm transformation of input data -- a useful feature for scientific data ranging in orders of magnitude.
  • Import a Surfer contour map which was not originally created using SurfLink.

Vista Compatibility

SurfLink is NOT compatible with Windows Vista at this time. We are evaluating compatibility issues and are planning to release a Vista compatible version in the future.

SurfLink Customers

To view list of SurfLink customers, click here.

SurfLink 2.0 Prices

SurfLink 2.0 for ArcGIS Standard and Professional Editions are now available!.  The prices are:

SL-1101L SurfLink 2.0 for ArcGIS Standard Edition

SurfLink 2.0 for ArcGIS Professional Edition


SurfLink 2.0 for ArcGIS Professional Edition
Upgrade from Standard Editiion

SU-2001L Surfer 8.0 single copy (list price $599)
SU-2001LU Surfer 8.0 upgrade price (list price $139)

SurfLink is available in electronic (email) download or on CD with documentation in PDF format.  No shipping/handling charges.  For purchasing, SurfLink 2.0 please go to our order page, or contact us at sales@certaintech.com.

Why Should I Use SurfLink?

Why should I use SurfLink? Why not just export Surfer’s contour map in shape files?

Surfer’s does not export Z values in the shape file (or even other GIS formats). That means
the valuable Z values in Surfer are lost in ArcGIS.  In addition, the color-filled areas between contour
lines are also exported without Z values. If you have tried to transfer data between Surfer and
ArcView, you are probably familiar with this.

How does SurfLink compare to ESRI’s Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst?

SurfLink+Surfer package ($775) costs considerably less than either of the other two. SurfLink and Surfer can also coexist with Spatial Analyst where multiple licenses are required, and only contouring feature is needed for some licenses. For contouring, the robust options available in Surfer are hard to beat!

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