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Link the Most Powerful Contouring Package to ArcGIS!

SurfLink Figure 1

SurfLink is a software program for creating contour maps in ArcGIS (8.x and 9.0) using Surfer for Windows.

Now you can link the most popular contouring package available for Windows to your ArcGIS document in four easy steps!

You can do this at a fraction of the cost of purchasing Spatial Analyst or 3D Analyst!!

View Demo New! 

SurfLink takes you through a series of wizard-like interactive steps in creating a contour map.  Contour lines, Surfer grid data, and color-filled regions (with corresponding contour values) are exported instantly as ArcMap layers.

ArcGIS' labeling feature is used for contour labels.  The color-fills are exported as a polygon feature layer with attibute fields, lower and upper contour value, contour range as text for labeling, and color value.

SurfLink Figure 2
SurfLink Figure 3 Golden Software’s Surfer is a powerful contouring package, popular among scientists and engineers for nearly two decades!  Some of Surfer's gridding features include:
  • Specify faults and breaklines when gridding
  • Choose from one of the powerful gridding methods: Inverse Distance, Kriging, Minimum Curvature, Polynomial Regression, Triangulation, Nearest Neighbor, Shepard's Method, Radial Basis Functions, Natural Neighbor, Moving Average, and Local Polynomial
  • Specify isotropic or anisotropic weighting
  • Specify search ellipses at any orientation

Contour regions may be filled gradation of colors or fill patterns in Surfer.  SurfLink imports these as region polygons in ArcMap, and along with the contour values (low and high values) associated with each filled region.

Bring the Z values with the contoured regions can be very useful for further geographic analyses in the GIS package.

SurfLink Figure 4
SurfLink Figure 5

Using cue-cards, SurfLink takes you through the gridding and contour mapping options of Surfer.  You can take advantage of Surfer's wealth of gridding options while maintaining your data in ArcGIS. 

For occasional users of Surfer, the wizard-like step-by-step cue-cards make it easy to go through Surfer interaction.

Contour map creation is a trial-and-error process, where one may use knowledge beyond those specified in contour algorithms. You may wish to change contour parameters (levels, search radius, etc.) in Surfer after viewing the map in ArcGIS.

SurfLink facilitates this using the Refresh option. Revise the contour map in Surfer first. Then use the Refresh option in SurfLink to update the ArcMap layers in just two clicks! No need to go through all other steps!!

SurfLink Figure 6
SurfLink Figure 7

Professional Edition Feature:
SurfLink Pro edition can be used to import existing contour map files you have in Surfer.  The Pro edition also lets you import Surfer grid into ArcGIS raster grid.  Shown on the left is a watershed contour map imported using SurfLink.  For clarity, only the contour lines and raster grid layers are shown.  Surfer's "No data" value grid points are properly coded in the raster grid.

The Pro edition also specify custom Level and SET files for Surfer.

Professional Edition Features:
SurfLink Pro edition can be used to used to create a contour within a border layer you specify.  The border layer may be rotated to an angle.  This will be useful if you are trying to align a contour grid a numerical model grid or another geographic feature.

The Pro edition also allows to "clip" the imported contour maps based on an ArcGIS polygon layer, thus saving you the extra steps of performing this manually.

SurfLink Figure 8
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