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Best of Contouring to MapInfo!

SurfLink is a software program for creating contour maps in MapInfo Professional using Surfer for Windows.  SurfLink takes you through a series of wizard-like interactive steps in creating a contour map.  Cue cards are provided for first time users.  Contour lines, Surfer grid data, and color-filled regions (with corresponding contour values) are exported instantly as MapInfo layers. SurfLink was developed in 1997 and has been commercially available since then.

To view its features in detail, please click here.

A Newsletter Article on SurfLink

An article on SurfLink appeared on the Golden Software's Newsletter "SurfLink Bridges the Gap Between Surfer and MapInfo", Golden Software Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 1, Spring 1997.  To view a copy of the article please click here.

Vista Compatibility

SurfLink is NOT compatible with Windows Vista at this time. We are evaluating compatibility issues and are planning to release a Vista compatible version in the future.

SurfLink Customers

To view list of SurfLink customers, click here.

SurfLink 2.0 Supports Surfer 8.0!

SurfLink 2.0 which supports Surfer 8.0 and all recent versions of MapInfo Professional (versions 5.0 through 7.0) is now available!.  The prices are:

SL-1001L SurfLink 2.0 single copy

SurfLink 2.0 Upgrade (from SurfLink 1.x)

SU-2001L Surfer 8.0 single copy (list price $599)
SU-2001LU Surfer 8.0 upgrade price (list price $139)

SurfLink is available in electronic (email) download or on CD with documentation in PDF format.  No shipping/handling charges.  For purchasing, SurfLink 2.0 please go to our order page, or contact us at sales@certaintech.com.


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