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SurfLink for MapInfo: FAQs

Common problems reported by users and the solutions are presented below.

1. Could not run SurfLink!  When running SurfLink for the first time, I get a Windows error message regarding some DLL file.

This is likely to happen more on older versions of Windows system (DLL) files needed by SurfLink.  Write down the name of the system file. Using File Manager or Explorer, find this file in Surfer 8 directory or ..\Windows\System32 directory, and make a note of its file date.  Contact CertainTech by emailing to techsupport@certaintech.com with this information

2. Other problems running SurfLink

Check to make sure you have MapInfo 5.0 or later, and Surfer for Windows 8.0 (or later) installed properly.  If you are in a network, make sure that someone has performed the "workstation installation" of both these software. SurfLink uses OLE technology and requires proper installation of MapInfo and Surfer.  Occasionally we have seen cases where one has used pkzip/pkunzip utilities to create MapInfo and Surfer directories.  If this is the case, reinstall the software using supplied setup programs.

3. My MapInfo table does not show up in the list of contour data tables?

Only mappable tables are included in the list. Also tables with only one column with the name, "ID" will not be included.

4. My contour field does not show up in the list of fields

Make sure this field is declared as Float, Decimal, SmallInt or Integer in MapInfo.

5. One of the records in the contour tables does not appear to be included the contour data file

Make sure this record has a mappable object associated with it. It is possible to have a MapInfo mappable table with such records. To check this do the following:

  1. Select these records in the browser window.
  2. Press F3 to open a new map window, and click OK to map "Selection."
  3. A separate map window appears with the records you selected earlier.  If these records have mappable objects, they will appear in this window. It is also possible that these objects have coordinates (0,0) or outside the border you may have specified in SurfLink.

6. Color fills are lost when importing into MapInfo

Make sure you select only solid fill pattern for each of the color fills.  This is limitation of SurfLink for now.

7. Steps to autoload SurfLink in MapInfo

If SurfLink is not in the Tools menu, do the following:

  1. Select Tool Manager… from the Tools menu first.
  2. On the Tool Manager dialog, click Add Tool button.
  3. Click on the button “…” next to Location, and select the file SURFLINK.MBX in the SurfLink program directory (usually C:\Program Files\CertainTech\SurfLink\SURFLINK.MBX).
  4. For Title field, type “SurfLink 2.0” and press OK to close the dialog.
Now SurfLink 2.0 will be added to the Tools menu.

8. An error occurred overlaying the objects

SurfLink uses MapInfo's command Objects Erase (or Objects Erase Outside) to erase portions of the contour map. With complex contour regions, MapInfo occasionally produces this error message. We do not know if this is a bug or a limitation of MapInfo. At this time, there is no workaround in SurfLink to solve this situation.

9. Portions of my contour regions are not erased properly!

Please refer to the previous explanation.


 Copyright (c) 2005 by CertainTech, Inc.