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Website Development

CertainTech provides custom website development services.  From a simple four-to ten-page website, to a complex data-driven, or GIS-data-driven website we take pride in developing top-quality website for your company or your product.

Web Applications

  1. Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2003 Small Business Server
  2. IIS 6.0, ASP, ASP.NET framework
  3. SQL Server 2000 or Oracle 8i, 9i, 10gin the backend
  4. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server for intranet portal development
  5. Microsoft MapPoint 2004 Web Services

Simple Websites

  1. Simple HTML/CSS pages for compatibility with various internet servers and browsers;
  2. Use of Active Server Pages (ASP) for dynamic data-driven content;
  3. Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash development; especially custom Flash animations.
  4. Creating custom design templates for your needs for uniformity and flexibility in future changes;
  5. Special keywords, and headers and improving hit-rate on search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and
  6. Detailed logs customized to track visitors of your site, customized to meet your objectives.  (not just the daily/weekly/monthly aggregate statistics ).

We will work with your IT department in tightly integrating your current e-commerce features, but update the website design. We will be glad to host the new design on our site during the development and review phase and transfer it to your tech department for deployment.


Websites We Have Developed


http://www.cormac-corp.com: This is a website for an IT consulting firm specializing in Data Management, Application Development and Systems Support Services. We designed a simple but professional website with a quick turnaround for this client.

CORMAC's database expertise includes data modeling (IDEF, Dimensional), building and maintaining industry standard relational database management systems, such as DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase on a wide range of platforms including z/OS, UNIX, AIX and Windows.

  www.cormac-corp.com site  


http://www.lyintl.com: This is a website for a technical and engineering services firm.  CertainTech designed a professional website with links to several white papers and publications.  Notice the scrolling text option on the home page.

We have built a Chinese language version of this. (Click on the flag to switch.) We are currently building subscription-based premium content pages on this site.

  www.lyintl.com site  


http://www.gphone.com: This is an e-commerce website for a telecom services firm.  CertainTech designed a professional website with Macromedia Flash animation and scrolling text options. Upon completion of the design on CertainTech's webservers, the site is uploaded, tested, and currently maintained by client's IT department.

  www.gphone.com site  

Borenstein and Associates, LLC


http://www.sborenstein.com: This is a website for a startup engineering consulting firm.  CertainTech designed a simple but professional website that is flexible enough to grow with the company in this case.

If you've wanted a company website but do not have the time to prepare the content, we can assist you in preparing the basic content such as this to get your website up and running in a  week.

It looks good! Thanks for all your help.
Susan Borenstein, President

  sborenstein.com site  


http://www.netgaincom.com: This is a website for a telecom services company.  A custom Macromedia Flash application was created on the home page to convey the technologies and services NetGain offers. 

I want to thank you for the great work that you have performed for NetGain. I truly appreciate the quality of your results and am both proud and excited about launching NetGain’s new look!

Peter Callowhill, CEO, NetGain Communications

  NetGain Communication site  


http://www.zingacoating.com: This is a data driven website for marketing a specialized product.  The past applications of the product are stored in database for ease of updating.  Content for site was received in diverse formats (Word, Powerpoint, and PDF files).  Our work involved conducting several joint development sessions with the client in determining the purpose of the website, constraints, and available content.  Since our redesign of the site, hit rate and usability for this site have significantly improved when compared with the prior version of the website.

  Zinga Coating Website  


http://www.certaintech.com: We developed our own website, using professional design and content tools. 

Please contact us for more information and discussion of cost/benefits for various alternatives for your projects.

  CertainTech Website  
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